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The odds are even worse for Black and Latino kids. It will come as no surprise to families from a lower SES that their children have to work harder and simply be better to stand a chance of competing with kids handed educations and opportunities, not to mention money. The deck is stacked against them. Even for brighter children from poorer families who start out strong, "the chances of keeping those high scores are relatively slim. As Carnevale says, "When we follow these kids over all those years, grade by grade, what we find out is they all stumble.

The difference is between who stumbles and gets back up again and who stumbles and doesn't.

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CEW's research indicates that many non-wealthy children with good grades in kindergarten are no longer among the best-scoring students by the time they get to high school. Therefore, CEW tracks students across this period.

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Even in kindergarten, disparities already exist between the tracked SES quartiles, and these ratios remain throughout the period studied. The lowest scores are always found with the lowest SES, and the opposite is also true. Still, an impressive 43 percent of children in the next group up, the second SES quartile, attain high scores.

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Image source: Center on Education and the Workforce. CEW's data shows that by the time students are in junior high, a clear shift has occurred, and 43 percent of the best students now come from the upper SES quartile, with the previously promising second quartile's high scores having dropped back to just 28 percent of its children.

About 60 percent of that group never reaches the upper academic ranks at all, and others only briefly. By high school the lifelong trend is pretty clear.

LewisHowes Happily. Perfect way to stay on purpose. I have just started listening to different podcasts only two months and this episode is my favourite so far. Thank you for giving me tons of motivation through this. Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets and forget the past with exception of what you have learned and remembered everything happens for a reason.

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