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Jedi favor green and blue sabers, while certain characters have wielded purple, orange, yellow, and white lightsabers. Some lightsabers are far more uncommon and mysterious, like the elusive black lightsaber. But what does the black lightsaber in Star Wars mean?

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Let's discuss. Black is one of the rarest of lightsaber colors, which makes sense since it's a light saber and black is a color achieved by the absence of light. Despite this conundrum, there has been a black lightsaber in the history of Star Wars canon — though just one — and it's admittedly pretty amazing. Unlike most lightsabers, this weapon has a name: the Darksaber. Another odd thing about it is that it looks considerably different than other lightsabers. Rather than having a straight, cylindrical blade of light, the Darksaber is curved like a traditional sword.

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It also glows somewhat unevenly compared to other lightsabers in more traditional colors, and is considerably shorter than a normal saber. All of these oddities can be explained by, well, the Darksaber's odd history, which dates back over a thousand years to the days of the Old Republic.

The Darksaber was created by a Mandalorian.

As to why he made it black? Remove these ads.


Star Wars: What is the Mandalorian Darksaber?

Join the Worldbuilders Guild. Go to Edge of the Empire Homepage. The Darksaber was an ancient black-bladed lightsaber.

It had a unique blade that was shorter than that of most lightsabers, and shaped like a traditional sword. Its hilt was rectangular in profile, and it had a hand guard and slit-shaped blade emitter. The sound emitted by its blade was also higher pitched than other lightsabers. The Darksaber had a crystal which served as a conduit for Force energy.

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