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In old English practice, the writ of quo warranto—an order issued by authority of the king—was one of the most ancient and important writs. It has not, however.

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A small monthly publication, also featuring the first chapter of the wonderful story of Peter the Schlemil, who sold his shadow to the Devil. Charted patterns in two colors for monogram and marking alphabets. Includes serif and script, plus some examples of two-letter monograms. Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint. Engraved illustrations of crochet edgings and squares. Detailed enough for advanced crocheters to use as patterns. No directions.

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Directions for a cloverleaf border with Clones knots, provided to fit three doily sizes. Collection of patterns for 12 crocheted tablecloths, most done as joined motifs, two as whole-cloth projects in filet crochet.

One placemat set in filet crochet. Directions in prose with charts for filet.

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Bath, C. Mee, 41, Milsom Street. Crochet leaflet, 12 crocheted edge patterns.

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Historical craft articles, embroidery, fiction by Eleanor H. Porter, knitting, bobbin lace, netting, quilting, crochet, fashion, recipes, housekeeping tips, paper crafts for children. Explanations for the crochet stitches and terminology used in Needlecraft magazine. Colored plates of simple floral, garden, alphabet and border block patterns, with suggestions for materials and use. Simple flowers, wreaths, sprays and borders, with discussion of their use.

Last plate in collection animals is missing. Swedish cross-stitch and monogram designs - wonderful animals, florals, and traditional motifs. Four charted alphabets intended for cross-stitch. Two are very large and ornate, two smaller. Four charted patterns for ornate, embellished monogram alphabets. Suitable for cross stitch, filet darned net or filet crochet.

Illustration plates no instructions for lace edgings, squares, doilies. The plates are clear enough that experienced crocheters will be able to figure out the stitch patterns. Collection of designs intended for hand embroidery. Includes charts for alphabets ranging from small and simple to large elaborate monograms; borders, small ornamental motifs, a windmill, the Eiffel Tower.

Also freehand designs for surface stitching and eyelet embroidery broderie Anglaise , of monograms, borders, edgings, and coronets. Charted designs suitable for cross-stitch. Filet portiere, Cluny-type door panels, edgings for table and bed linens, crochet ball holders, doilies, medallions, fitted vest. Augusta, Maine: Needlecraft Publishing, , 26 pgs [some advertising pages omitted]. Wartime era patterns, baking recipes, and general needlework advice: crocheted runner and doily, edgings, hot-dish mats, filet crochet patterns , embroidered doilies, knitted bedspread, knitted bag, crocheted filet spider yoke, fashion pages, and many ads, including needlework tools and supplies.

Leaflet of assorted crocheted edgings, most but not all in filet crochet. Intended for use on tablecloths, bed linen, towels, runners, tray mats, plus four delicate crocheted handkerchief edgings. Prose instructions with charts for the filet pieces, British notation. A Mary Card filet crochet pattern for the Statue of Liberty, embroidery, tatting , knitting, crochet, recipes. See excerpts in this catalogue in OCR format. Crochet pattern for round doily with a center star. Large and small doily described. Prose instructions, clear detail photograph, US terms. Crochet pattern for round doily with a leaf motif, worked in two colors.

Leaves are made individually then sewn together. Prose instructions, detail photo and assembly diagram. Sixteen cross stitch alphabet patterns for monograms in a wide variety of typefaces, and some Greek and classical borders.

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Inventive colorful crocheted potholders - birds, vegetables, fish, astrological signs, tartans. Includes linens pieced from small motifs, plus larger one-piece cloths, plus edgings, corners, placemats and doilies and a large floral filet table spread.

Various table runners, placemats, tablecloths, and complete sets for the table. Mostly crochet, some applique. Prose instruction for crocheting multicolor floral doilies, runners, centerpieces and placemats. One in filet crochet style, others in lacy crochet, some with three-dimensional ruffles, scallops or blossom effects. A few are trims to be applied to fabric centers.

Needlecraft magazine, directions for small gifts: tatted calling-card case, bolo style necklace, wrist-watch case, and a small basket or nut-cup; and crocheted floral brooches, a small basket, bottom of a fabric drawstring work-bag, a hot-mat, sachet, wrist edging for a baby washcloth, and a skirt-hanger to neatly keep skirts on closet pegs prior to the use of the clothes hanger on a pole ; and knitted drawstring bag with a Greek key motif.

Military and working men's clothing and kit items. Knitted clothing, sewn leather and heavy fabric clothing, bags and belts, crocheted and knitted neckties. Victorian-style designs, including cherubs and church patterns, for embroidered net, with netting and stitch instructions. Large charts, good for filet crochet and cross-stitch, are in the second pdf file. Silk knitting patterns for mittens, purses and bags, stockings, edgings, fancy stitches. Instructions for fringed silk lampshade, patterns for crocheted beaded purses, bottle cover.

Treasury of crocheted edgings, doilies, lingerie yokes, and medallions. Prose directions, but large, clear photographs accompany all items. Some edgings are intended for thread crochet handkerchiefs. Crocheted lingerie yokes and boudoir caps. Some filet crochet no charts. Basic crochet instructions and filet crochet floral charts for yokes, insertions, edgings, collars and corners. Exquisite crocheted vests, gowns, filet charts, boudoir jacket, yokes, slippers, cap, church laces, shawls, sweaters, table runner and chair back.

Crochet instructions from famous designer, Anne Orr. Freestanding baskets and candy dishes; filet crochet charts for table linens and napkins, including corners, insertions, borders some with corners , round and square doilies and centerpieces. Grape centerpiece in highly embossed crochet; round and oval doilies in other styles of crochet, including ones that resemble tatting.

Chair tidies antimacassars , borders, and trims.

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Gros Crochet and Filet Crochet edges around fabric centerpieces, table centerpieces entirely of filet crochet. Bought in in the USA by a sailor, who gave it to his sister. His granddaughter, who wants to remain anonymous, sent the book to us. Scanned and edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library, Filet Crochet patterns for yokes, and patterns for small gifts such as hot roll napkins, aviator towels, bread tray covers, tidies, and babies caps.

Illustration plate of five crocheted items without instructions.