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Ive been asking around and am stuck on what to do. Many students double major in Music Education and Performance. I want to keep playing cello for a long time and plan to make a career out of it. I thought about music therapy, music education, and music performance. I considered being a music educator but also playing in symphonies on the side. What are your thoughts on what I should do?

We suggest you use the next couple of years to get exposure to some of the careers you might be interested in, take summer music programs, take every opportunity you can get to perform, talk with people working in areas of music you could see yourself in, and enjoy high school. I already make beats and record music with my christian rap group. I need more advice. How hard would it be to get a job as a producer? How much would the pay be? I just need more help before summer begins. We suggest you look at taking a summer music program where you can explore the field of music industry, recording, and producing.

Check our Summer Music Camps and Programs page to get started. As far as college goes, you may also want to consider starting out at a community college with a good music program, but be sure to look carefully at what you would need to take there so that credits do transfer. I am a senior at University of Colorado Denver and I studied recording arts. They have a really great program there but I will say the job market is not handed on a platter. In fact I made sure to get experience in doing other things I love, like valet and hospitality. There is so much opportunity out there for me as I am extremely motivated and I always have been.

If you have similar feelings of excitement towards music and you believe in yourself, you will make something of yourself in the industry, no doubt about it. Also, education sharpened the edge of my blade as a musician. I am a sophmore in high school and plan on majoring in music. I have had a dilemma for quite a while about choosing what music career to study for. I love performing but I know that field is uncertain when it comes to getting work. I also really enjoy conducting and arranging music.

But my family was worried that the music field is too risky and that I should not pursue it. I started thinking about everything else I like and found out that I am a good analyser with poetry and lyrics, as well as connecting it to history. I was wondering if there are jobs for musical analysing. If so, could you point me in the right direction when it comes to college?

I was thinking maybe a liberal arts college? Check out the field of musicology. Read this article to learn more. But hey! You still have plenty of time to consider your options. Talk with people who work in careers that interest you. By the way, there are no guarantees of jobs in music — and most musicians have several income strands after they graduate. But there are also no guarantees of jobs for those coming from non-music-related fields. Those days are over. Look at all the transferable skills majoring in music offers see this article about transferable skills , and remain flexible and open to possibilities beyond what you had imagined.

Hi, I am a junior in high school and am really torn about what I want to do in college. I have a passion for choral music and have for a long long time! There are no guarantees of getting a job right out of college, although there are many schools that have very high music education employment rates for their graduates despite the often dismal media about the state of K — 12 music education.

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Majoring in music is not an easy path to pursue. You will also need to learn to juggle a lot of practicing, rehearsals, class attendance, school work, and more. Are there opportunities to observe a choral conductor in a music school near where you live, and then talk with that individual about their education and work? Any opportunity you can seize that will give you a chance to explore music education as a possible educational path and and choral conducting as a potential career would be very useful.

If you pursue choral music education, we suggest you consider joining both. I have read through some of these questions and answers and was extremely pleased at the content. I am a 26 year old, self-taught guitar player. I am at a crossroads though in my life. On one track, I would love to pursue a degree in music, Jazz guitar, and become more professional in my field.

I do not know how to read music, or write for that matter. I know very little in terms of music theory and have been told by multiple universities that I am quite a bit behind to be accepted into a program. As for college credits, I have about 90 and most should transfer, but it was in a sports science degree, which may or may not be a total opposite affair…. On the other road, I love to record sound be behind a board in a studio or live arena. I have a pretty solid ear for music I taught myself guitar by listening to tracks and replicating and love to produce sounds.

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My dilemma, and hopefully a thesis to your answer, is which way to go? I really just need to weigh my options with each path and was hoping for some insight into this. I could finish my degree in Sports Science and then pursue Audio Engineering OR just pursue being a musician and study my but off for the next year so I can just feel comfortable even setting up an audition…. A few things to bear in mind: A performance degree requires several semesters of music theory.

Site-reading is typically part of your audition. Then look at audio engineering programs — requirements for applying, required courses, cost. But also consider taking some classes at a community college with a good music program — and there are definitely some excellent ones around the country.

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Check out this article on our website, Community College for Music Students for guidelines. I practically live in music hall and am super involved in various ensembles.

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I started playing piano and violin both when I was 3 my mom being a private teacher for both of them. I can also play some guitar, played some xylophone in 7th grade, I can play some alto sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet, mellophone, and am teaching myself French Horn right now.

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My main instrument is oboe and english horn, both of which I own professional models of. I love learning new instruments!

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I have considered music therapy, however singing is not one of my talents. Music is where my heart is. Any advice on a career that would be good for a person that loves playing multiple instruments. We suggest you talk with the career development office, your adviser, and music faculty at your school for support.

While some freshman are very clear about their paths, others are right where you are, in the exploration stage. By the way, highly proficient multi-instrumentalists are sought out for pit orchestra, touring, and cruise ship gigs. The instruments function as tools for the profession, rather than being about performance. I am now 32 years old, and am a mother of 4. I have spent my whole life just working to support my family and not at all loving what I do. After returning to work from maternity leave, I decided to reduce my work hours, and go back to school full time with 4 children , and hone in on my interests, and talents, and finally pursue something that makes me happy.

I took a look at the curriculum guide for my school, and am really excited about a lot of the requirements. So I am trying to do some research now to see what exactly are my options if I did decide to make music my major. I appreciate this site and am really looking forward to hearing back from someone. And good for you for following your passion. Since music school is demanding and requires long hours and you refer to major responsibilities on the home front, consider starting at a community college with a good music department as a way to start exploring what majoring in music would entail. Taking music theory and voice lessons would put you on the right track. Talking with career development staff would be useful, too.

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  • For instance, a music education degree with voice emphasis will allow you to continue learning vocal music while getting the background you need to teach, if teaching is also a passion. Music therapy is another field that also utilizes vocal skills. Should you go ahead and pursue a degree in music, remember to gain some business and entrepreneurship skills to help you get your music out there. I am a freshman in high school and I am striving to be a music major. Any ideas to help me?

    You say you want to be a music major — which implies going to college; you either have to have your GED or finish high school to be considered. Whether the stress is academic, social, or both, there are ways to address all of it while keeping music in your life.

    The 7 Most Important Music Production Tips