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Dean clicked his phone shut, and grabbed his keys. Dean pursed his lips, waiting for a convincing excuse to leave Sam, and more importantly, Zeke, in the bunker to form in his mind. It was late when Dean guided the shining black impala to a halt under the street lamps. He glanced across the road to the Gas n Sip. The neon open sign reflected in damp puddles on the black asphalt, and a steady drizzle of rain smelt damp in the air, as Dean slammed the door behind him, and made his way towards the entrance. The inside smelt of coffee and disinfectant.

1. Praise God for all his blessings

Hot dogs turned on the automated grill, rolling steadily over the metal, sizzling faintly. The only other sound was his own feet tapping quietly on the white tiled floor. There was no sign of anyone at the tills. Dean paused listening hard, he heard the vaguest hint of human conversation from somewhere out past the counter, where the bathroom was. He began to move stealthily towards the back of the counter, hand flexing ready to grab the blade in his waistband.

Dean smirked, and moistened his lips, his eyes twinkling with mischief. A teenage girl appeared somewhat rapidly tucking her shirt back into the neat skirt under her blue vest. Dean held the silence looking at her expectantly, raising his eyebrows and tilting his head in question. Dean sang softly to himself as he drove through the quiet town streets.

The Favour of God

Tapping the wheel gently in time to the golden oldies on the local radio station. The houses were old and run down, he grimaced slightly, the guilt of forcing Cas out of the bunker playing on his mind. He parked baby, and pushed open the rickety gate, strolling up the path. It was the only garden in the street, which looked even vaguely cared for. The grass was cut, and the path swept. A slither of silvery light spilled between the curtains and fell in a gentle line across the grass.

A Simple Favor (2018 Movie) Official Trailer – Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding

The flickering light of a television, was throwing shadows across the curtains. Dean sighed, at the heart breaking, lonely, normality of it. He knocked at the door, and waited patiently, the drizzle settling on his hair and shoulders in a fine mist. The lock clicked, a chain rattled and then two bright blue eyes blinked at him, slightly blurry with sleep, through the screen door. Dean took it in with a sweeping glance, it was threadbare, but clean.

The Power Of Favour

The couch was sagged and old. A white washed table and chairs stood in the ancient kitchenette, the only other furniture was an ancient looking TV. He smiled appreciatively, Cas was watching Westerns. Dean swallowed, and nodded. The fridge light silhouetted the solid figure as Cas passed him a beer, and took a large swig of the bottle he had opened for himself. His eyes darted about the room. Dean had not seen him look this anxious since they had been in the brothel the night before they trapped Raphael.

He dropped down onto the sagging sofa, knees bunching awkwardly high, until he allowed himself to sprawl. And all this without us doing very much at all. Favour from God. And welcome it, enjoy it, and thank God for it. In Luke 15 Jesus tells a simple parable about a woman who had ten coins and lost one. I have found my lost coin.

Things are going well, there is a wind at our backs, our properties are being restored, our friends are getting married, our staff is being replaced well, and there is favour here. And our prayer is that the favour of the Lord would rest upon us continually, and establish the work of our hands Psalm Thank you, Anna Maria. Please pray with us that may continue to know God's Favour for the sake of the Kingdom.

Blessings on CMJ. I have been praying for replacements and it is exciting how Almighty God has answered prayer.

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If you ever get to Texas, we would love to have you in our home. In His service by His Grace. Jim Paisley. Hi Jim, thank you for your support and encouragement.

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Please get in touch via our office email scroll down to follow up this thread. Thank you. Wonderful article; took note of the passages for further study. I understand "hope deferred" yet rejoice as what God is doing as he shows himself to be forever faithful. Thanks for the good news regarding your ministry there! May He continue to show you favour! Feeling the Wind at your back. God's Favour. Support Us. Thank you for your update concerning CMJI! Blessings Mike. Thank you for your support, Mike.

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A joy to read your encouraging email Garth. Rejoicing with you!

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Thanks Dave. We are grateful for your support and prayers for this ministry.

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